No more cheaters.
No more toxicity.
Reliable Servers.

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About Us

ferocide! is a community with aim for no more cheaters, less toxicity and stable, reliable high quality servers without lags.

  • We offer skins, gloves, knives & stickers on our 128 tick CS:GO Servers.
  • Custom plugins.
  • Custom SourceBans managed & updated by Tk.


Listing of our servers :p

3 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Servers

Located in Hostname VAC Players Map Join Status
Unknown Server seems offline at the very moment sadly :( 0 Connect to the server. Offline
Netherlands Slavs Gaming 0/9 de_vertigo Forbidden. Opening Soon
Unknown Server seems offline at the very moment sadly :( 0 Forbidden. Offline

SourceBans Hall Of Shame

Here we list the recent server bans, communication blocks (chat & voice-chat mutes) and players stopped from entering our servers.

Suspended players. There's been 2 suspensions so far.
Game Date/Time Country Playername Length Reason Suspended by
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GO06-14-22 18:10:30Israel Israelshpilberg ???????Permanent[Little Anti-Cheat 1.7.1] Bhop DetectedServer
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GO04-29-22 22:22:30United Kingdom United KingdomfortnitePermanentAnti-Duck-Delay DetectedServer
Communication blocked players. There's been 0 communication blocks so far.
Game Date/Time Country Type Playername Length Reason Blocked by
Banned players blocked from entering our servers. There's been 0 Players blocked from entering our servers so far.
  Game Date/Time Playername Reason

Apply Moderator Staff Position

We're currently lookin' for more potential staff members, to keep the servers experience more enjoyable.

  • Be atleast 16 years of age.
  • Have a common sense of logic (Don't auto assume).
  • Have atleast 750 hours on CS:GO (CS:GO Moderator).
  • Have atleast 1000 hours on TF2 (TF2 Moderator).
  • Have a discord account.
  • Be mature.
  • No recent history of toxicity, cheating infraction bans or warnings.


Frequently asked questions.