terms and agreements

About Us

ferocide! Was originally established in November 2019, about 19th to be exact.

We had a short-spanned success with servers running full, but over time we were failing inside out and was time to call it quits due to internal issues.

But was re-established again on April 22nd 2022.

We are now back stronger than ever!. We aim to offer a variety of gameservers with content that you suggest and want.

We will listen to your comments, we hope to continueously improve, add, remove or change something that doesn't seem to be right.

We will strive to succeed, and fight through the bad phases, be the best of our sides.


  • » 1. Any kind of threats directed onto a person nor community will result you in a permanent suspension.
  • » 2. Scamming / Sharking will quite obviously result you in a permanent suspension.
  • » 3. Indirect threats will result you in a permanent suspension.
  • » 4. Keep the toxicity down to none. Or you risk a 3 Hour Chat or Voice-Chat Mute after 3 Warnings.
  • » 5. Any kind of ism such as racism, feminism, femi-nazism, sexism, etc. Will result you in a permanent suspension.
  • » 6. Impersonation of a member or staff will result you in a permanent suspension.
  • » 7. You may not be begging for items or perks in any kind, such as ingame items.
  • » 8. We don't condemn any kind of political nor religious topics in our community.
  • » 9. Any strong NSFW-related content is strictly forbidden.
  • » 10. If the media nor content you've published within the community is not within the range of the terms, we've all rights to take it down.
  • » 11. You may hold on to english as the main language (excluding servers).
  • » 12. Racism nor Nazism will result you in an instant permanent suspension.
  • » 13. Harrassment or bullying in any kind of form is not tolerated in any way. (Be kind to the opposing!)


  • » 1. Cheating/Hacking will result you with an immediate permanent suspension.
  • » 2. Map exploitation will result you in a 1 Day suspension.
  • » 3. Game exploitation will result you in a 3 Day suspension.


  • » 1. You may not be excessively using mic or chat (spamming)
  • » 2. You may speak with your language as long as the opposing understands the same language, example majority of the team or server communicating on the same language.
  • » 3. You may not be using alternate accounts (smurfing is not allowed).


  • » 1. You may not ask for free roles.
  • » 2. Voice-Chat 'ear-rape' is not allowed unless the opposing is okay with it.
  • » 3. You may not excessively use the mention on opposing end (Spamming mentions).


  • » 1. If you need assistance regarding something important, you can contact us on the Discord Server at #support.


  • » 1. We don't support anything non-steam related (cracked steam).